Daughter of the Snow

from by The Reckoning



The sun cast its glare over the bloodstained land
Hundreds of men lay dead all around
Through the icy drifts and dead I wandered
Desolate figure leaving trails in the snow
Last man standing, I was weary and drawn
The fury of battle had taken its toll
A laugh sliced through the frost bitten air
Before me stood a maiden with bright golden hair

Whiter than the pure, undriven snow
Naked save for a light gossamer veil
Her cruel laugh beckoned to follow where she ran
Dazzled, my lust now fuelled aching limbs
Across desolate plains of white I chased her
As the blinding sun beat down on the snow
I ran but she stayed beyond my reach 'til
Two axe bearing figures arose, a trap I did meet

She danced in between the two giant men
"Brothers I have brought you a fool to slay"
With rage, I hacked the leg off the first
The second I left with a half severed neck
Alone now, she cowered bewteen the two dead men
I pulled her to me lest she started to run
Her ivory flesh was as cold as the snow
Now this beguiling young temptress was mine

She writhed in my grasp as I kissed her cold lips
A desperate cry and she slipped from my arms
I watched as she held her arms straight to the sky
Enveloped by a cold, blue flame she was gone
Surrounded by my kinsmen, at last I awoke
They tended my wounds as I told them my tale
None would believe what I said 'til they saw
There in my hand, the light gossamer veil


from Hell Kisses The Earth, released September 17, 2013



all rights reserved


The Reckoning Somerset, UK

The Reckoning is the heavy metal expressions of English guitarist and songwriter Ben Higgins, allied to the badass vocal talents of Rob Lundgren from Sweden.

The debut album, Defining Armageddon was released in December 2012 and the follow up album is under way with a release for 2013.
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