Defining Armageddon

by The Reckoning

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released December 1, 2012

Ben Higgins: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming
Rob Lundgren: Vocals

Daniel Realpe: Guest Solo on 'Wall of Eyes'
Piotr Kaczor: Guest Solo on 'Hour of Lament'
Chris Evans: Guest Solo on 'Vigilante'



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The Reckoning Somerset, UK

The Reckoning is the heavy metal expressions of English guitarist and songwriter Ben Higgins, allied to the badass vocal talents of Rob Lundgren from Sweden.

The debut album, Defining Armageddon was released in December 2012 and the follow up album is under way with a release for 2013.
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Track Name: Wall of Eyes
I hold the weight of the world in my hands
There is nothing I can do
Condemned to help those who falter on their way
I am the everlasting fountain of knowledge

Closer and Closer - Step forward if you dare
Gaze upon me - all my eyes return your stare
Ask me a question - I'm unable to lie
Dead souls repenting - I am the wall of eyes

Thousands of lost souls reside within this wall
Their eyes may stare but they feel nothing any more
We were the lowest of the low - evil does not describe
I was the first but we're all paying for our lives

I was encased in this stone long ago
A penance for all that I did in my life
People will come far and wide just to see
This wall of eyes - will it ever end for me ?
Track Name: Apocalypse How
A nation gripped by madness
A nation gripped by fear
Can you hear - can you hear ?
Bringers of pain are drawing near
Hunted down with bestial lust
Moral code has turned to rust
Jackboot hammer crashing down
Fragments of life lie all around

They've come to dominate you
And then annihilate you

The fuse is burning down, the death watch ticks, apocalypse !

DEATH - comes riding through
Now the clouds are turning black for you
WATCH - the flames ignite, and everything around you die... tonight

Bonds of unity are severed clean
Black skies are heading your way
Here is your future in shattered glass
The lies were flying so thick and fast
A distant rumble that threatens death
Persecution in every breath
You may or may not live this through
Jaws of fate closing in on you
Track Name: Vigilante
The sun has gone down over urban decay
The rats and the leeches will come out to play
A line has been crossed - and I'm taking no shit
From the scum who wreck lives for the pleasure of it

Some would call me lawless
But I always see they're punished

Drive them into the ground, I am
Cleanse the streets with their blood, I am

They see a world to be raped like a whore
By fist and by willpower I'll even the score
I know that you hold my intentions in doubt
But there's no one else watching when the lights are turned out
Track Name: Soul Breaker
Do you like what you see, what you find ?
Do you know what you see before you ?
You see the fire, the snake in your eyes
The bringer of evil inside you

I'll acquaint you with your shadow
I'll turn your day to night
The dark within will tear asunder
I've got your soul it's mine

Do you think faith can hold you back
You're too far gone for sorrow
The only way to get me off your back
Is give into me, I'll take care of tomorrow
Track Name: Defining Armageddon
Heaven's tears run down the aching mountainside
Bleeding for this world - so tragic and devine
The Earth and seas scream a final requiem
Hell wouldn't dare to whisper, but hold it's breath as the
Sky falls down on Man

The Earth in rapture, casting free
The schackles of humanity
I guess we're one step closer to
Defining Armageddon

Tortured land imploding in a rage
Molten sea consumes all life in its way
Is this Armageddon - an angry planet's last goodbye ?
Or a cleansing and rebirth underneath that empty sky
Track Name: Running from the Fire
The world is imploding
Let the main show now begin
The war of man and nature
Was a war we'd never win

The world has now become
A giant funeral pyre
Underneath the blackened sky
All are running from the fire

The cries start to rise
Confusion now ensues
Do anything to get away
From the seas of red and skies of doom

Bodies in the streets
Cast-offs in this play
Through it all I wonder
Will anyone survive this day ?
Track Name: Hour of Lament
Is our world coming to an end - I regret all the things I've not yet done
I feel lonely in this hour of lament - though it's coming to us all
Dread surrounds my only hope - that He'll meet me on the other side
We've been brought down to our knees - there's no refuge for us now

I just can't bring myself to see
That this is really happening to me
I did all you wanted so please
Can't you see, how can this be ?

This is it, the final act
No need to cower from it now
You will die, as will I
There's no way we can stop its wrath
Tell me now, are you glad
You prayed to Him to save yourself ?
Because I, feel no more
That this life's worth praying for

Don't expect no sympathy - you brought it on yourselves
Don't hope for no miracles - though we may meet down in Hell
You lied and sinned - against us and yourselves
Now all must pay the price - take that with you to the grave
Track Name: The Havoc Unleashed
Clock winds back to zero
A crooked world regressed
Every man and beast will
Suffer through this test
Filthy and dethroned
Those who sat so high
All of us must fight for
Our lives beneath one sky

World's cities crumble
With nothing we are left
Survival favours no one who
By ignorance is led
Those who thrived on greed will
Perish with their fortunes
Chaos beckons death now
Look how man has fallen

Clock winds back to zero
A crooked world regressed
Chaotic nations swinging
'twixt providence or death *
Hear, all of you to whom
Knowledge was bequeathed
And those who are cast aside
Behold.. the havoc... unleashed
Track Name: Rusted Fist
In which direction have I gone ?
I understand not what I've done
A king of all that I surveyed
Coulda been - coulda been God
Guided by no more than faith
Travelled a road I meant to take
The Zen of human and machine
faded in me - no more to be

A metallic will
That cannot be killed
This rusted fist will never lose its grip on me

An iron hand is quick to gain
Obedience, respect, disdain
One fist, one fist to rule them all
Back when my dreams dared to stand tall
Ddin't like the idea of restraint
Removed all objects of my hate
But all eras must come to pass
My star had faded way too fast