Hell Kisses The Earth

by The Reckoning

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Lucas Toews
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Lucas Toews This band right here. This is good stuff. Really. Favorite track: Hunter Becomes Hunted.
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released September 17, 2013

Rob Lundgren: Vocals
Ben Higgins: Guitars, bass, programming
Chris Poland: Guest solos on 'Hell Kisses the Earth'
Piotr Kaczor: Guest solos on 'Turn to Dust', 'To the Death' & 'Daughter of the Snow'



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The Reckoning Somerset, UK

The Reckoning is the heavy metal expressions of English guitarist and songwriter Ben Higgins, allied to the badass vocal talents of Rob Lundgren from Sweden.

The debut album, Defining Armageddon was released in December 2012 and the follow up album is under way with a release for 2013.
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Track Name: Hunter Becomes Hunted
Raised - without a name
Designed to do one thing
Bred to kill, not to feel
In death I make my life
Now the sights are fixed on me
Looks like I'm in their way
They shouldn't underestimate
Their fate was sealed today

BR 1:
I killed for you, now I'm the prey
With such betrayal, there's Hell to pay
You set me up to fall, one thing one you should know
Chase me all you want, you cannot kill a shadow !

Fade into the darkness
A ghost with a gun
Silent undertaker
I'll take them one by one
I never run - this is all I know
I'll bring this to an end
This is my survival
Not just for revenge

BR 2:
I killed for you, now I'm the prey
With such betrayal, there's Hell to pay
You forgot, when you started this
When the bullets fly, I never miss !


The day you crossed my path
You didn't know you signed your life away
How does it feel
To know I'm getting closer to you
Track Name: Hell Kisses the Earth
We do what others would not dare
Destroying cities everywhere
We move like shadows through the air
Just one more hit, we do not care

From the sky they come, screaming
Can't stop the flames rampaging
Their bodies broken in the dirt
We watch as Hell Kisses the Earth

As searchlights try to seek us out
Their guns attempt to take us down
Our hearts, they seem to beat so loud
We thunder on to our next town

We home in, deadly and so cruel
Our cargo, deadliest of all
Its job to crush, maim and maul
We hit 'release' and down they fall
Track Name: Drag You Down

All the non believers and the ones who would deceive us
Take your life and try to choke it to death
Don't want you to aspire and leave them down in the mire
In their shallow world of bitterness

Don't want you to succeed
Think you're crazy to believe
All the time they could wake up - realise
But they'll never be content
'til they drag you down

Devoid of self awareness, pay no thought to anyone
Ready to take all that you give
Never moving forward, never seek a higher purpose
Never see what life could be

CH (Variation):
Don't want you to succeed
Think you're crazy to believe
All the time they could wake up - realise
But they'll only be content
When they drag you down
Track Name: Lestat

Down into the dark, deep below the streets
Where no daylight penetrates my layer.
Stale the air, cold and damp
Alone I sit in my filthy, old armchair
Hours have passed but I haven't moved
I sit transfixed in my world of dark desire
The screen, it flickers... and it sends the shadows dancing round my head.

Br 1:

Days are spent immersed in my fantasies
With Price, Lee & Lugosi for company.
Black & White, my dreams leap out from the screen
All the time I'm watching them, all I can see is me !


The walls are dark, Victorian green
Layers of dust envelope everything.
The life outside is not one for which I care
To be defiled under every stranger's stare.
Here in this world I am the one who is in control.
Greater than all, I hear the darkness call.
Moving pictures show the world in which I dare
to be the prince, he can take me anywhere

Br 2:

Obsession fuelling my darkest dreams
To become the one who, inside me, screams
Just like a serpent I rise from my seat
Reflection in the mirror, his power that I seek.


And it stares back, the face of Lestat
And the world, you may call me Lestat.

The echos of her feet
Through Gothic archways steal
My breath, I glide transfixed
The moon it guides me on her heels
I must not let her see
That I persue her so
I walk the cobbled stone
A wraith consumed, enthralled.

I see the moonlight catch
The paleness of her neck
Beautiful shoulders bare
My eyes caress and stare
At last, her journey's end
To the masqued ball she goes
I follow her inside
Can't let her out my sight

What a scene awaits
So elegent and loud
The crowded dancefloor lures
me and I start to look for her
And then I spy her face
and all else fades to a blur
Willing our eyes to meet
I stare and she begins to turn

I stare into her eyes
And she'll not look away
Quickly I move up to her
No words, she offers me her hand
The music plays its part
Now that she's in my arms
She will never leave
Always a part of me

It's time to be alone, I want her to myself
Into the cool night air, the music fades away
Across the lawn we drift, past scented blossom trees
Down to the water's edge, gentle ebbing of the stream

My hand is round her waist as I pull her close to me
I run my fingers down her face, trace the outline of her hair
And then the kiss - a passion so furious
I feel her breath on me as I move towards her neck

She trembles to my touch, I run my mouth across her flesh
Teeth bared, I poise - I wait until I hear her groan
We both surrender to the bite - intense, divine
A blood red charge of lust - the world in that moment is mine

My eyes snap open and I let her fall away from me
Backwards into the river, her kiss left searing inside
She breathes her last breath as she gently floats away
Beautiful in death - in me she'll never wither, never leave.

Down I fall to earth, I awake to this bastard curse
The dream has dissapeared once more, life is nought but a bitter whore
Yet now, before my eyes, the room begins to shift
The walls begin to melt away, drip and pour like burning flesh
Demonic faces, hands reach out - a Gothic hell has come
I feel him now, coursing through - I smile and I'm home
I look up into his eyes, my burning, mad red eyes
And the night, it beckons
She's out there somewhere.
Track Name: To the Death
I look through you, not in your eyes
The loser is the one who dies
Ready for this night, my hands start to shake
Tensions start to rise, I'm taking you down

I'll tear you up and run you through
This nitro demon's locked on you
Take this warning, 'cause I know no fear
My engine's screaming and our time is near

I see the fear in your eyes
I won't back down, I am prepared to die
The time for talking has passed
If I must I'll race you to the death - yeah !

The road stares back as we begin
You can't back out, now that you're in
I hammer the throttle and I speed right past
Our time on Earth seems to be running out fast
Track Name: Turn to Dust
Trapped in a maze of seld delusion
Don't care to see your own reflection
What have you got left that you call life ?
Can't see the pattern of destruction

It's breaking down inside you
You've no one left to turn to
Drag yourself off the floor before
You turn to dust

Tears down your mental architecture
You have no faith left anymore
Fear upon fear is holding you prisoner
Welcome to the temple of denial

Cascading towers of affliction
Despairing, you have just let go
If you don't take control of your life
Someone else will then control it for you
Track Name: Daughter of the Snow
The sun cast its glare over the bloodstained land
Hundreds of men lay dead all around
Through the icy drifts and dead I wandered
Desolate figure leaving trails in the snow
Last man standing, I was weary and drawn
The fury of battle had taken its toll
A laugh sliced through the frost bitten air
Before me stood a maiden with bright golden hair

Whiter than the pure, undriven snow
Naked save for a light gossamer veil
Her cruel laugh beckoned to follow where she ran
Dazzled, my lust now fuelled aching limbs
Across desolate plains of white I chased her
As the blinding sun beat down on the snow
I ran but she stayed beyond my reach 'til
Two axe bearing figures arose, a trap I did meet

She danced in between the two giant men
"Brothers I have brought you a fool to slay"
With rage, I hacked the leg off the first
The second I left with a half severed neck
Alone now, she cowered bewteen the two dead men
I pulled her to me lest she started to run
Her ivory flesh was as cold as the snow
Now this beguiling young temptress was mine

She writhed in my grasp as I kissed her cold lips
A desperate cry and she slipped from my arms
I watched as she held her arms straight to the sky
Enveloped by a cold, blue flame she was gone
Surrounded by my kinsmen, at last I awoke
They tended my wounds as I told them my tale
None would believe what I said 'til they saw
There in my hand, the light gossamer veil